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    A Recognition of prior learning is a government endorsed pathway to get yourself to a qualification. It exists so that you don’t have to learn what you already know. In order to get the qualification you will therefore need to provide your RTO with evidences that will stipulate your experience.
    Want to get your experience recognised but unsure of the process? No worries! We’ve got you covered with everything you’ll ever need to know about the RPL process, and how to
    successfully convert your experience into a nationally recognised qualification

    Genuine - You’ll want to ensure that all evidence is your own work and that it’s apparent that it’s yours. Plagiarism or using work of other people will not be accepted.

    Current - When providing evidence, it’s important that it’s from either the present or recent past. Any longer and it might not be considered relevant.

    Sufficient - This identifies the quantity and quality of the evidence provided. You need to guarantee you have enough proof so that all parts of competency are fulfilled.
    RPL doesn’t require any class based study to obtain a Nationally Recognized Qualification. It is a verification of your experience, knowledge and skills that have been developed in the workplace throughout your career. You will still be issued with a Qualification, but in a much quicker timeframe than completing a course and studying what you already know. Plus, you will save money as RPL is a fraction of the cost of studying. However, it is important to remember that if you are not able to provide sufficient evidence for a specific unit you will have to perform gap training where you will have to take training for that specific unit. By using RPL to obtain a Qualification, you will not be required to take time off work attending classes, you will not be required to study subjects that you are already experienced in, you will save money on course fees and RPL can be conducted in your own time at your
    own pace.
    meeting minutes you took down while at your workplace to training or assessment materials that you may have produced for your workplace. You could include templates of documents that you may have designed, you may also include financial budgets that you may have helped produce. While sharing these evidence please ensure that you have all the necessary permissions to use the material and that you have blocked out any confidential or sensitive parts.

    Evidences can also comprise of photos and videos of you at work. While there is no
    limitations of how many photos or videos you should provide, it should be enough to
    demonstrate your knowledge about the all the units of competencies that your desired qualification is made up of. You may have a colleague take your photo while you are laying down the roof, laying bricks or concreting, you may also have them comprised on to a video.

    While taking the photos just remember the task in hand, which is to demonstrate to the assessor that you have the skills and knowledge for the said qualification.
    You should also provide all relevant work details such as job contracts, job reference letters and resume. You should also include in your portfolio any other academic qualifications and their transcripts.